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Inspectors should undertake an analysis of anonymised information, provided by the school, of the outcomes of the most recent performance management of all teachers within the school, as part of the evidence for a judgement on Leadership and Management.

A good education for all - Proposals for amended inspection arrangements for maintained schools and academies, further education and skills and initial teacher education from September 2012

Your School - Your Evidence - Our system =
Better Performance Management and Better Outcomes!

You collect evidence and enter it into our structured system - we provide scaffolding to assist with evidence gathering and suggest what evidence needs to be gathered.
Evidence is analysed and assessed.
Dependent upon the outcome of this further evidence is gathered and or interventions planned.
Evidence that relates to staff can be used for performance management.
Because this evidence is structured it is your new SEF and follows the new Ofsted Inspection Framework.
Areas of success/failure are easily identified - this evidence can be used to help draft your SIP.
Evidence gathering, analysis and intervention and strong performance management demonstrates evidence for a judgement on Leadership .

Recent changes have given schools greater freedom in the design of their SEF - a 4 step approach ensures each school will have a compliant sef.

The Government have removed the need for a formal SEF, Ofsted announce no notice school inspections - the need for evidence in school has never been greater.

Evidence gathered within schools is by far the richest resource leadership can use to improve their school.

Your existing SEF is aligned with the new Ofsted Judgements

The new Judgement Framework provides the structure for your self evaluation - we take your sef and put the information in the correct categories. All you need to do is provide evidence for your self evaluation.

Evidence - Gather Once Use Many

Evidence gathering is resource intensive - it has never been more important to make better use of evidence that you have obtained. The same evidence is used to create your SEF, for CPD and Performance Management and can be produced for an inspection.

The 4 Stage Approach

1. Using a framework we provide Select a Focus for Evaluation or Improvement.
2. Perform a simple quick audit and record the outcome.
3.Use the outcome to inform success/failure.
4.Print/View your SEF, SIP, PM, Inspection Data.
All from the same evidence!

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We will retain and build on the strengths of the current framework by:
focusing on pupils' outcomes, including outcomes for different groups of pupils and how well the school promotes those outcomes

promoting improvement inspectors will continue to make specific and detailed recommendations based on their diagnosis of the school's strengths and weaknesses.

Ofsted New Framework 2012